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Discover the Perfection in Hearts on Fire’s Exquisite Jewelry Collections

When it comes to quality diamonds, Hearts on Fire is the company to watch. Their gemstones, known as “the world’s most perfectly cut diamond,” ensure that each Hearts on Fire piece sparkles the way it’s meant to. Read on to learn more!

Discover the Perfection in Hearts on Fire’s Exquisite Jewelry Collections

Hearts On Fire, one of the leading authorities in stunning lapidary techniques, has entrancing fashion and bridal jewelry collections. Their tagline—“The world’s most perfectly cut diamond”—couldn’t be truer.

Not your average company, Hearts On Fire cares about its wearers and how it acquires its well-preserved and immaculate gems. Their diamond sources are intercontinental, and the buying process is completely controversy-free.

From the time they launched in 1996 to the time they designed the $6.5 million Hearts Fantasy Bra for Victoria’s Secret in 2006 to now, one of their inferred goals has been to put unrelenting smiles on women’s faces all around the globe. So far, they’ve succeeded.

The Jewelry Design Center is a proud carrier of a plethora of Hearts On Fire collections because their goal is the same as ours. Yes, we want to see you smile.

Hearts on Fire Wedding Bands

Hearts om Fire Wedding Band

Your wedding band holds great significance, which is why it’s überimportant that its diamonds are cut properly, so its brilliance can shine through for all to see. More intimately, the ring itself should speak to you on a very deep and personal level. It should reflect splendor and beauty and mystique.

We’re confident you’ll be able to find just that in at least one of HOF’s multiple bridal style.

As an aside, HOF also manufactures men’s jewelry, so if you’ve got a big wedding coming up, consider their his and hers rings. The male bands are just as captivating and come in a few of the almost identically-titled styles as that of their female equivalents, such as Distinguished and Coupled.

HOF Collection Engagement Rings

Hearts on Fire HOF Engagement Ring

These are pristine engagement rings; the kind that once unveiled causes gasps and oohing and aahing and tears of joy. Flecks of variable shades of gold dance around in these units, depending on the lighting and positioning of the rings.

The Hexagonal Split Shank cuts will leave you speechless. When you’re able to speak again, you will unquestionably comment on the magnificence of the Double Halo Compass selections. They are quite “heavenly.”

The Signature stone settings, such as the Solitaire, the Bezel Basket and the Three Stone engagement rings make any proposal one of grandeur.

Transcend Collection Engagement Rings

Hearts on Fire Transcend Engagement Ring

Interesting collection, interesting word. Transcend is a gathering of premium, polished rings. They surpass—or transcend—the competition. If you’re looking for something refined but showy, you’re in the right place.

Rich and shimmering white gold and beautiful vintage embellishments pretty much sum up the entirety of this ritzy collection.

The Lorelei Collection

Hearts on Fire Lorelei Collection

The unapologetically boldest of all the singled out collections, Lorelei is breathtaking and otherworldly. If rings could talk, these would be pithy, not holding anything back, getting straight to the point.

All biases aside, the Double Link Wave ring is the showstopper, besting all others in its rose gold and prong setting category.

Eccentricity rules with the Right Hand and Criss Cross rings. The Interlocking style may possibly be imitated someday, but with its inimitable complexities, it cannot be duplicated. Kudos to HOF.

The Optima Collection

Hearts on Fire Optima Earrings

Ornamented drop and hoop earrings twinkle from the moment you get them in your hands. Putting them on is fun and transformative. Your eyes will light up as these impeccably-cut, diamond-covered studs accentuate your natural beauty and facial features instantaneously.

The Triplicity Collection

Hearts on Fire Triplicity Necklace

Triplicity necklaces have a trademark look and are shape-oriented. Each pendant or lariat exudes creativity and freshness. It’s plain as day that much thought and craftsmanship was put into these. The majority of the necklaces are white gold with very meticulously-placed gems embedded within them.

The Golden Pendant stands out not only for its awesome color and overtones but also for its invigorating design, a slight bit flashier than the others.

Jewelry Design Center would love to hear from you. If you’d like more information about our featured HOF collections, don’t hesitate to contact us. Before you go, have a look-see. We assure you the right one is just a click away.


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