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How to Travel Safely with Your Fine Jewelry Pieces

Whether you’re going on your honeymoon or just want to bring your fine jewelry pieces with you around the world, these four tips will help you keep your jewelry safe and sound while you travel.

How to Travel Safely with Your Fine Jewelry Pieces

Whether you’re about to disembark on that dream honeymoon, or simply want to visit a foreign country with a treasured family heirloom, traveling with your fine jewelry can feel pretty intimidating. Between the possibilities of loss and theft, there are many ways in which you could end up losing that cherished piece of fine jewelry.

That said, when you travel you don’t always have to fear for your favorite jewelry piece. With this set of tips, you can travel the world freely, knowing that your engagement ring, wedding band, or treasured fashion piece is safe and secure.

Bring the Wedding Band, Leave the Engagement Ring

Before you hop on a flight for your destination honeymoon, you should first ask yourself, ‘Do I really need to bring my diamond engagement ring?’ Oftentimes, engagement rings are flashy and adorned with clusters of beautiful, yet attention-grabbing diamonds. As a result, a diamond engagement ring is more likely to stand out to a potential thief.

Alternatively, your wedding band might be a better traveling jewelry piece. Wedding bands often utilize a pave setting or are made of a solid material, which is less desirable to a potential thief. While this isn’t an option for every newlywed couple, it certainly helps to leave the diamonds at home.

Be Aware of Your Environment

Travelling With Fine Jewelry

There is a time and place for everything; this saying couldn’t be truer for when and where to wear your valuable jewelry. To put it simply, there are certain instances while traveling where you shouldn’t be wearing your cherished diamond ring.

Some of the places where you should stow your valuable jewelry away include crowded spaces (like airports or markets), while exercising, sightseeing, and any situation where you aren’t aware of your jewelry at all times.

Bring a Fake Diamond Ring

If you have the urge to show off your new dazzling diamond engagement ring or want to look your best in a destination photo, you may want to consider wearing a fake diamond ring. Fake rings are often incredibly cheap, which means for easy replacement if they end up lost.

That said, a fake ring isn’t going to protect you against thieves and depending on the quality of the fake can attract even more attention. So, when you’re in a potentially dangerous area, you should keep a low profile and stow the fake ring away just like you would a real one.

Get Your Valuable Jewelry Insured

The best way to protect your engagement ring, wedding band, or prized family heirloom is to invest in jewelry insurance. Just as you would insure a car, home, or cellphone, fine jewelry can be insured to protect against things like theft, damage, or loss.

The price of these insurance policies can vary depending on the provider and the plan. However, the cost is typically related to the value of the jewelry piece. With jewelry insurance you can travel the world without fear or concern that you might lose your cherished piece of jewelry completely.

How Jewelry Design Center Can Help You

If you’re looking for more tips on how to travel with your jewelry or are simply looking to purchase a dazzling piece before you set out for your trip, the staff at Jewelry Design Center can fulfill any jewelry-related need you may have.

Our doors first opened in 1977, and since then we have provided the Northwest corner of Washington State with a wide selection of designer bridal jewelry, luxury-grade timepieces, fashion jewelry, and GIA-certified loose diamonds.

At our family-owned showrooms in Kennewick and Spokane Washington, we provide our customers with a whole host of professional jewelry services including custom jewelry design, and jewelry repair. To learn more about our products and services visit our website at or visit us at our Spokane and Kennewick showrooms today.


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