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The Men's Guide to Buying the Perfect Wedding Band

Are you a sleek and cool or classic and sophisticated wedding band type of guy? Learn more about choosing the right one for you here!

The Men's Guide to Buying the Perfect Wedding Band

Buying men’s wedding bands is fraught with an overwhelming abundance of options ranging from metal types to widths to finishes. If you’re buying a men’s wedding band for yourself or someone else, personal style will guide what specific type of wedding band options you choose. Do you prefer to make a big fashion statement or remain hidden in the shadows? No matter what your personal taste, there’s a perfect wedding band out there for you.

Popular Men’s Wedding Band Styles

Men’s wedding bands run the gamut of being simple and unadorned to featuring elaborate engravings and electrifying colors. More often than not, a groom will select a plain wedding band in the same metal as his bride. You can choose from a variety of high-quality and durable metals including 18K white or yellow gold, platinum, and palladium.

Wide wedding bands aren’t like the narrow and traditional plain wedding band. Wide men’s wedding bands are popular among men who want a more distinctly fashionable look. Brushed or hammered finishes, colorful gemstones, or milgrain details on a men’s wide wedding band add more personality to these popular style choices.

Diamonds aren’t just for women’s wedding bands, either -- men have started to adopt the fashionable flair too. Men’s channel wedding bands are classic and sophisticated bands with impeccable diamonds for the dapper gentleman. Pave wedding bands include smaller diamonds set close together to create a twinkling and mesmerizing look.

Finding a Wedding Band that Fits Your Style

Men’s wedding bands are more than just a symbol of the love you share with your partner; they are also stylish accessories that can complement your day-to-day wear. Consider the following factors when looking for a men’s wedding band that fits your style and personality.

  • Metals affect the durability and price of your wedding band. Platinum is one of the most popular options due to its soft and polished color as well as its increased durability over gold. Yellow gold and white gold are also durable options that won’t go out of style.
  • Width varies between men’s wedding bands. You can choose between a thin or wide band or something in between to fit your lifestyle and finger size.
  • Fit refers to the sides or edges of a men’s wedding band. Edges can be flat or curved, which can affect the feel of the band over your finger.
  • Finish on a metal refers to the texture of its surface. Choose the popular high-polish for a mirror-like finish. Other options include the flat matte finish, smooth satin finish, and sand-blasted finish.
  • Details like diamonds, beaded milgrain detailing, or engravings add an intricate and personal touch to your men’s wedding band. A diamond-studded prong wedding band can majestically display a row of diamonds to go along with your business suit or casual outfit.

Men's Wedding Bands at Jewelry Design Center

Budgeting for a Men’s Wedding Band

The type of men’s wedding band you choose will largely be determined by your specific budget. A modest budget could still be enough to buy a plain but stunning men’s wedding band if you know what to look out for. Diamond accents, as well as high-quality metals like platinum, gold, silver, and palladium, typically command a steeper price than plain wedding bands. Modern metals like titanium and tungsten can be more affordable in some cases.

Maintenance Level

Every men’s wedding band will have a different maintenance and care level depending on their metal, size, and embellishments. When considering how to buy a men’s wedding band, think of the required maintenance and care. Men that plan on wearing their wedding band daily from sunup to sundown need to consider the durability of different metals. Precious metals like gold and silver are usually more prone to wear than tungsten or titanium.

Find Men’s Wedding Bands and More at Jewelry Design Center

Once you’ve selected every aspect of your ideal men’s wedding band, you’re ready to go out there and buy it. Visit our jewelry showrooms in Kennewick or Spokane, Washington to speak with one of our expert jewelers on staff. We’ll answer any questions you have about men’s wedding bands and help you choose between our varied and stylish selection to match your loved one’s or make it your own.


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