The Top 6 Engagement Ring Trends this Fall

Read on to learn all about six of the top engagement ring trends this year, and how you can adapt them to your own style and engagement ring preferences.

Engagement ring trends change year after year, with the most popular ones going in and out of style in time with the leading fashion trends of the day. Today we’ll take a look at six of the most popular engagement ring trends of 2018 -- read on to learn more!

Unique Stone Shapes and Orientations

Nowadays, women are drawn to unique shapes and engagement ring settings that others may not have. Most popular right now are unique diamond shapes like marquise, pear, emerald, and oval cuts. Pear cut rings are especially popular among celebrities today, including Ariana Grande, Kaley Cuoco, Sophie Turner, and more. Additionally, east-west orientations are also taking the engagement ring industry by storm.

Unique stone shape engagement rings at Jewelry Design CenterIf this is a style you’re interested in, look for uncommon takes on typical ring designs from brands like Simon G and Showcase Collection.

Intricate Halo Shapes

While halo settings are still one of the most requested ring styles today, now brides-to-be are looking for atypical halo rings. Hexagonal, floral, double halo, and geometric styles are becoming more and more popular, with simple halo rings on the decline.

Intricate halo engagement rings at Jewelry Design CenterTacori’s Full Bloom collections carry many dazzling halo engagement rings to drool over and dream about.

Three-Stone Settings

Ever since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement to the world late last year, the three-stone setting has been in high demand from jewelers all over the country. Also known as a trilogy setting, the three stones in this elegant setting represents a couple’s past, present, and future together.

Three stone setting engagement rings at Jewelry Design CenterFor a more unique look, switch out the two side stones with diamonds of a different cut or with colored gemstones.

Oversized Engagement Eternity Bands

Another up-and-coming trend that brides-to-be are swooning over is the oversized eternity band. Often, women are opting for eternity bands over proper engagement rings. Eternity bands are more durable and easier to wear than traditional diamond rings due to the lack of a protruding stone that could get caught on clothing or fabric. These bands don’t lack in sparkle either, thanks to the encrusted diamonds that adorn every surface of the ring.

Oversized engagement eternity bands at Jewelry Design CenterFor glamorous gals, eternity bands could be a great style to consider.

Colored Gemstone Centers

Engagement rings that feature colored gemstones in the design, whether as the centerpiece or accentuating stones, is another hot trend to watch this year. These pieces add a unique pop of color to any finger, and the customization options at your disposal is almost unthinkable. Choose ruby, emerald, or sapphire for a classic look a la Princess Diana, or your birthstone or other gemstone that holds a special meaning to you for added sentimental value.

Vintage-Inspired Designs

Last but not least, vintage-inspired designs are back in vogue this year. With this style, anything old has been renewed with a modern twist, including designs reminiscent of the Art Deco, Victorian, and Edwardian eras. Look for engagement rings with lots of filigree on the ring band, floral patterns, milgrain details, or other intricate metalwork. 

Vintage-inspired engagement rings at Jewelry Design CenterWhen it comes to engagement ring trends, a trusted jeweler is your best bet to learn more about the designs that will work best for you.

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