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Peridot: All You Ever Wanted to Know About August’s Birthstone

Evoke glimmering green envy with the help of one of our favorite birthstones: the noble peridot. Capture the magic of August in the form of a peridot birthstone, for yourself or a loved one.

We love nothing more than the feeling of August rolling around once more. Why? It’s the perfect excuse to break out the peridot birthstone jewelry we have prepared just for this time of year. While fabulous at any juncture, there is a certain something about wearing them in season that excites us – we just really love peridot. Can you blame us?

What makes a peridot so…irresistible? The color, the sheen, the notoriety? We take a deep dive into everything this one-of-a-kind gem symbolizes historically and in our hearts, as well as two other, lesser-known August birthstones.

First and Foremost: The Ever-Charming Peridot Birthstone

Peridot Birthstone Jewelry

Whether in the form of a dazzling peridot ring or perhaps a jaw-dropping peridot pendant, the completely unique charm peridot carries objectively cannot be denied. The rich cultural meaning behind these vibrant beauties only add to the equation.

Peridot birthstone is forged through intense volcanic activity and is composed out of a mineral compound called (appropriately enough) olivine. It is mined laboriously from deep beneath the Earth’s surface, but the effort is well-worth the reward. Much of the world’s peridot hails from Arizona, but other notable sources include Pakistan, Brazil, and the far East.

Ancient cultures recognized peridot as a powerful protectant against evil and unwell spirits, rendering negative energy powerless against the wearer. Other blessings peridot birthstone jewelry is said to bestow: strength, prosperity, tranquility, and peace. What is there not to love?

Spinel and Sardonyx: Hardly to be Forgotten

While peridot birthstone jewelry can sometimes steal the show, it’s important to remember her two younger cousins, lest we miss out on the opportunity to enjoy them during their month of prominence.

Sardonyx, a lustrous stone of salmon-pink hue, was first discovered in Egypt during the Second Dynasty. The Roman elite quickly took to it, valuing it for its hardiness and hewning wax seals for official bureaucratic use. Sardonyx is said to clear the mind and clarify thoughts; it’s also the ultimate way to really bring on the mystical hippie vibes without breaking the bank. Try one out on a dainty necklace and awaken your inner goddess.

Spinel, known for its calming effect on the soul, has been described in antiquity as being the daughter of one of our other faves – rubies. While spinel may differ slightly in color, they lack nothing in vibrance; they can range anywhere from dusky pink to firey orange and even purple fit for royalty. Even rarer than ruby, this gemstone is highly sought after by collectors and is unbelievably chic when worn on the ears.

Jewelry Design Center has Everything You Need for this Summer

August is careening toward Spokane and Kennewick like a runaway train. If you’re in Washington or the greater Pacific Northwest area and you’re looking to get your fix this season, you can’t afford to skip over our humble house of finery. For peridot birthstone jewelry and more (including plenty of fabulousness from our own exclusive line), you know you can always trust the team here at Jewelry Design Center.

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