Layered Bracelets: The Jewelry Trend that Will Take Over

Layered bracelets are an easy way to add drama or glamour to almost any outfit! Read on to learn how to tackle this trend like the fashionista you are, and to discover our top picks to adorn your arms with.

Layered bracelets are made with open bands that mimic the appearance of multiple bracelets together. Alternatively, a bracelet stack or set features separate bangles that can be worn together to achieve the same look. Any bracelet can be paired with another, or several others, for an accessory totally unique to you.

This trend can be made to fit any lifestyle, dress code, or event. Separate or one-piece layered bracelet designs range from fun and simple to elegant and lavish. You may choose a style or a set based on metal and gemstone colors that will complement your favorite outfit. A more sentimental option is to create a stack of bracelets that symbolize important life events such as anniversaries, the births of children, or hard-earned career advancements. No matter how you layer them, these bracelets are sure to score you major style points in 2019.

Layer it Up with These Bracelet Offerings

California-based brand Tacori creates effortlessly beautiful fine jewelry. Their Crescent Cove Triple Wave cuff is particularly representative of the brand's coastal vibe. Sterling silver strands evoke gently lapping waves, and the diamond-studded arcs incorporate Tacori's signature crescent silhouette.

This Island Rains bracelet features equidistant strands decorated with floating gemstones in various shades of blue. The precious stones include sky blue and London blue topaz as well as vibrant turquoise. The high-end piece would make an excellent gift for a significant life event.

For more bracelets that can be stacked any way you choose, look no further than these natural texture silver beauties from contemporary designer John Hardy.

This Bamboo collection cuff is just the right size for slipping over your hand to join the other bracelets on your wrist. The combination of 18-karat yellow gold and sterling silver make this particular style a great transition piece for mixing metals. The Classic Chain collection's wider sterling silver cuff pairs well with thin bangles and chains. Cable detailing on each outer edge of the cuff create texture and visual interest, and the hammered texture of the main band is decidedly modern. All of John Hardy's Bali-inspired creations are made from sustainably sourced or reclaimed materials.

Handcrafted Anna Beck designs are also influenced by the island of Bali. They receive a traditional blessing of love and gratitude upon completion, making them perfect gifts for yourself or others. Head designer Becky Hosmer personally travels to places where she sees people in need. Through her jewelry, her philanthropy projects, and her own life, she hopes to spread love and promote balance.

Finding Stackable Bracelets at Jewelry Design Center

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