November Birthstone Jewelry: Autumnal Topaz and Lemony Citrine

Did you know November has two birthstones? Topaz and citrine are both known for their yellowish and orange hues; in fact, they can look so similar, they’re often mistaken for each other. Though they are quite distinct in reality, they do share some of the same mythic folklore.

They also both make beautifully mesmerizing November birthstone jewelry. If you have a loved one with a November birthday or have one yourself, read on to find out the meaning behind the symbolic gems.

Legend Has It

Both citrine and topaz are believed to have calming, balancing qualities. There is something unmistakably serene about their rich hues. In the Middle Ages, it’s believed people would grind topaz stones into a fine powder and stir into their nightcap glass of wine.

Even more impressive than the power to calm, Ancient Egyptians believed yellow topaz represented the sun god Ra because of its fiery color. And citrine has often been associated with healing quartz, due in large part to its reported support of vitality and health.

The Truth About November Birthstone Jewelry Colors

Most people think of topaz and citrine on a spectrum running from pale browns and yellows to dark oranges. The truth is, topaz gemstones come in a variety of colors and citrine can be found mixed with amethyst quartz, in what’s called ametrine, which has a yellow-purple ombre look.

Topaz can be found in shades of yellow, pink, red, and even blue. Most blue topaz stones available today, however, are actually brown to begin with but have been turned bright blue through an irradiation treatment. Precious topaz generally feature intense yellow tones and most often originate from Brazil. Imperial topaz on the other hand, are much more red in hue, are sourced primarily in Russia or Brazil, and are the most expensive.

Brands that Deliver on November Birthstone Jewelry

Gemstone necklaces exude individuality. Tacori has several collections featuring stunning designs made with blue topaz, from the crystal blue shades in Island Rains to the deep, dark blues reminiscent of Titanic’s Heart of the Ocean.

Incorporating Tacori’s signature crescent motifs and intricate, vintage-inspired milgrain detailing, earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets abound. Tacori even features men’s jewelry—tie clips, cufflinks—with topaz.

For November birthstone jewelry that’s a little more exclusive, Showcase Collection—Jewelry Design Center’s own brand—has a handful of unique designs with brilliant topaz. The pendant necklaces, for example, are crafted with 14k white gold and a stunning center topaz stone surrounded with dazzling diamonds.

How to Make a Heartfelt Gift Even More Special

Birthstone jewelry is personal. If you’re wanting to give a loved one (or yourself) an especially considerate gift, having a fashion ring or other jewelry custom designed is a fantastic option. Jewelry Design Center has one of the largest manufacturing centers in the Northwest and can custom design any piece imaginable. The process is easy and the step-by-step guidance ensures a final product that is every bit as thoughtful and beautiful as possible.

Find Birthstone Jewelry for Every Month at Jewelry Design Center

If you’d like to try on any of the above topaz or citrine jewelry, or have questions about custom design, give us a call or stop on in. Our locations in Spokane and Kennewick are open six days a week and welcome the opportunity to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

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