Gold Necklaces are coming back!

Since the beginning of recorded history, people have been treasuring gold and wearing necklaces. Should it be any surprise that women’s passion for gold necklaces has been a constant of nearly every civilization? Here at Jewelry Design Center, we have a real passion for the art of jewelry design, and the graceful beauty of gold necklaces forms a crucial cornerstone of the fashion jewelry we offer at our showrooms. Whether you prefer your gold paired with diamonds and colored gems or you enjoy the straightforward beauty of rose, yellow, or white gold, there’s something in our showcases that’s right for you!


The Aerial collection from Hearts on Fire blends the world’s most perfectly cut diamond with remarkable designs in gold. Aerial patterns are designed to remind the viewer of feathers and wings, as well as leaves floating on the wind. The effect is like slipping on the lightness of these symbols, and the woman who appreciates the natural whimsy of a falling feather can have the look expressed in glitter and luster. This can be contrasted with the gold necklaces of the Simon G. Garden collection. The same natural landscapes that inspired Art Nouveau artists are made here from rose gold flowers twined around diamond-studded trellises of white gold.

We also carry a large selection of larger gold chains and bracelets that can't be found anywhere else! 


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